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Nintendo Switch Blocks Early Neo Players: TWEWY Copy

Nintendo Switch Blocks Early Neo Players: TWEWY Copy

Neo: The world ends with a hero standing in a crowd.

Photo: Square Enix

week end, Neo: The world ends with you Fans found out that Square Enix is ​​just that Accidentally leaked early in the game For those who pre-order the switch. Now, a week after its official release, access to the upcoming RPG has been canceled.

The news began to spread among online gamers Earlier today.

Homebrew Handyman Oatmeal Dome wrote: “Square Enix accidentally revoked all digital licenses for Nintendo games after initially selling Eshop codes.” On Twitter. “Players were sent off in the middle of the game with an error code of 2819-0003. To my knowledge and others this is the first thing to switch.”

Nintendo and Square Enix did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fans who played the game earlier than expected are now wondering what will happen to their arrival and will keep track of their progress once the game is officially released.

“I played without any problems yesterday,” Reddit user Shanook 28 said கோட்டாக்கு. Today, after they got home from work at 4pm, a different story.

“It’s a ‘checks if you’ll have permission to use this software,’ message (I’m not done this at any other time that I’ve started at the weekend)), and then an error message that I’m not allowed to use the software with an attachment to a pre-order eStore.”

Some fans had already ordered Neo: The world ends with you When Square Enix initially began sending digital codes, other fans noticed the news and began pre-ordering version 80 of the game for initial access, filling fan wikis and forums with spoilers for the long-awaited sequel. 2007 before the July 27 release of the Nintendo DS game. Now they are locked up again and some are trying to get their money back, but based on the evidence on Twitter and Reddit, success has been mixed.

But the game About 50 hoursIt is also not clear if the shutdown will result in player data being saved.

“I’m an hour or two from the end of the game and now I can no longer play,” Shanook 28 said.

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