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Dodgeball Academia

Dodgeball Academy Receives Final Release Date – New Trailer Appears – ntower

Developers just last month during the PC Gaming Show Pocket trap With notice Dodgeball Academy To the Nintendo Switch. You do not have to wait long for the Dodgeball show because it already exists 5. August It will be on the Nintendo iShop for one Priced at 24.99 euros Available. Accordingly, a new trailer for the indie game has appeared. Here is a summary of all the important information about the game for you.


Dodgeball Academy RPG game played by Otto Rookie Dodgeball student. In a world where dodgeball is life, players become the final dodgeball champion along with Otto at the academy. In eight episodes, players will make friends and rivals, all in the name of building the best dodgeball team. Create a dynamic team in a large and customizable team development system that balances in Otto. In the meantime, explore the gigantic Dodgeball Academy and discover the long hidden truths within the walls of the academy.

Key Features:

  • Study – Explore and discover the secrets of Dodgeball Academy on its vast, diverse and vibrant campus.
  • RPG-Story-Modus – Travel through a complete RPG story mode; Complete with episodes, key quests, page quests and school mini-games.
  • Selected characters – Open and stabilize unique characters by diversifying your Dodgeball team with RPG style character and team improvement.
  • Action Challenges – Participate in action-packed dodgeball tournaments with unique fighting game style that puts players against challenging opponents and bosses.
  • Local Versus Mode – Fight locally with a friend in the local competition system.

Are you going to play Dodgeball Academy?

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