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Nintendo permanently removes Netflix from its consoles

Nintendo removed the Netflix app on June 30, 2021 on 3DS and Wii U. In fact, there is no way to see Netflix on the Nintendo console at this time. Further the situation does not seem to be ready to change and the manufacturer has not made any announcement about the arrival of the streaming service in Switch.

As Nintendo announced in January 2021, Netflix officially disappeared from the 3DS and Wii U on June 30, 2021.. After being removed from the Nintendo eShop in December 2020, usage on both consoles disappeared. What should we remember? First, users of these consoles need to find another way to view their series. Then, There is currently no way to enjoy Netflix on a Nintendo PC.

If others console, PS5 And La Xbox Series X. With that in mind, increasingly diversifying their multimedia offerings, Nintendo is committed to highlighting gaming and not just gaming. Already in 2018, Nintendo explained why it did not like Netflix on its console. “As for the switch, Nintendo focused more on getting started on the gaming feature, not the video feature, which is not a priority for them. If it evolves over time, we have a better relationship with them and we may be interested in supporting Netflix on Switch. […] It can happen “, Scott Mirror, vice president of the Netflix ecosystem for partner devices, explained.

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Nintendo does not need Netflix to sell switches

Just three years later, Nintendo is not ready to change its mind, His silence on the possible arrival of Netflix on Switch is proof. This situation is frustrating for many players who want to use the streaming service on a hybrid console. That being said, due to the convenience of transportation and its large screen. The switch stands out as the best device to watch Netflix.

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The situation is still unexplained since YouTube and Hulu have been available on the computer for many years. However, the absence of Netflix does not prevent Nintendo Switches from selling millions. In February 2021, The switch broke the 3DS record by surpassing 80 million sales.

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