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Great Moore, Safari Zone of the Sinno Region

Great Moore, Safari Zone of the Sinno Region

Pokemon ray diamond And Pokemon glowing pearl It appeared two months ago and is already waiting for us in a few days Pokemon Legends: Arcius. So it’s time for a new competition with Nintendo, so the first raffle in 2022 – we are entering the safari zone of the Chinno region!

The Great Poke is an area in Sino Pokemon ray diamond Such as Pokemon glowing pearl Find out. The safari zone of the Chinno region, the Great Bok, is located north of Willowburgh and can be entered through the only gateway there. Great Moore is evenly divided into six different parts and different Pokemon appear. In the center there is a train that takes you to each of these areas, which saves your way. Each of the areas is separated by slopes that can jump in one direction. The Pokemon in the Great Moore area changes daily. You can see on the site by looking through a telescope which Pokemon appear in which areas.

Get an overview of Pokemon and stuff from our friends Pisaphones Or inside PokéWiki. So if you are looking for a specific pokemon to complete your Pokédex, feel free to stop there.

There were no fights in Great Moore. If you encounter a Pokமொmon in the Great Course, you have four options: throw a ball, throw food, throw mud, or run away. As coming Pokemon Legends: Arcius, For example, you can bait with certain foods to catch Pokமொmon. However, if you want to increase your chances of the wild Pokemon not running away easily, throw in a little competition.

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As usual in the Safari Zone, it costs $ 500 each to enter the Great Course, and you only have a limited amount of time, which is measured by the number of steps you take. So it would be useful to use the train if you want to save the steps and go to some parts of the Great Trek.

This is how you compete

You can use the various Pokemon of the Great Poke Pokemon Radioactive diamond And Pokemon glowing pearl Hold on. You can find Pokemon in the Great Course which is not found anywhere else in the game. We would love to hear your best stories from the Safari Zone. What special Pokemon was caught there? What are the best and fun experiences? Is there another safari zone you like?

There is something to be gained 3x Pokemon Ray Diamond / Glowing Pearl For Nintendo Switch (version of your choice). Every comment that comes under this message ends in success! The deadline for entries is January 30, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

Anyone with a permanent residence in Germany or Austria and at least 12 years of age are eligible to participate. However, Nintendo Connect or Nintendo’s employees in Europe are excluded from the competition.

Social media:
Comments under this contest entry can only be counted – not under shared social media posts.

Success announcement:
Winners will be notified in text form by the email address we have in the file. It is possible to post a guest comment, and the email address used should be accessible if successful.

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Participants agree to publish their registered usernames. Personal data for sending successful items will only be requested from the winners when the prize is awarded. Sending shipping data to third parties (e.g. sponsoring partners or logistics companies) also requires approval. Successful items cannot be sent to the respective winners without the consent of the shipping data transfer and transfer of this shipping data to a third party. Personal data will be deleted within four weeks of the end of the competition. If you have any questions about data security, please contact us at [email protected]

It is not possible to pay the prize in cash. There is no entitlement to payment or exchange of gift. If there are important reasons, the tournament organizer has the right to end the match abnormally. The legal process is excluded.