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Nintendo Partners With Pokமmon Pokemon Go Producer Nyandik | Reuters

Nintendo Partners With Pokமmon Pokemon Go Producer Nyandik | Reuters

Written by Sam Nosy

TOKYO (Reuters) – Nintendo Co. has partnered with utility developer Pokemon Go Nintendo to create enhanced reality (AR) games with the release of this year’s Pigmin-inspired game.

The partnership may have spawned Nintendo’s ambitious ambitions for mobile phones after the company struggled to reflect Pokemon Go’s fascination, which has become a social phenomenon as players take to the streets to “catch” Pokemon using their phones.

The first mobile adaptation of the long-running Pigman series, in which users are guided to complete the mysteries of Pygmy creatures such as plants, created in 2018 by Niantic Tokyo Studio.

“Niantic’s advanced reality technology has allowed us to experience the world as Pygmy lived secretly around us,” senior Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto said in a statement.

San Francisco-based Niantic launched the Harry Potter app in 2019, but did not reflect the success of Pokemon Go, which was developed with Nintendo’s Pokமொmon and left Nintendo with a small percentage of revenue.

Efforts to expand the Kyoto-based video game company’s outdoor console games were boosted by the opening of Super Nintendo World at Japan’s Universal Studios in Osaka last week.

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