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The battle for Neighborville is coming to a close

The battle for Neighborville is coming to a close

Electronic Arts Studio Popcop Vancouver has announced it Plants vs Zombies: The Battle for the Complete Edition of Neighborville Available at Nintendo Switch. The insane confrontation between plants and the undead reaches even more soldiers. All the details are here.

Plants vs Zombies Visit Su Nintendo Switch

This new version covers everything letters ei Contents of standard versions PlayStation, Xbox and PC, plus 12 gift maps e Post-release content, Directly through offline and online games. Plants vs Zombies is the first EA title to exploit the capabilities of the machine Frostbite The Nintendo Switch improves the visual and audio experience, especially for the site.

The Frostbite engine has been updated for better support Specific features Issued by Nintendo Switch. We find in them Operating controls e l’input touch screen. This will create a completely smooth experience in TV mode, portable mode and tablet mode.

In Plants vs. Zombies: La Pataclia de Neighborville Full version, players can carry Stupid tasks to defeat big bosses, Collect medals Shining and Open up amazing outfits. Also, they will have the opportunity to access all of them 23 characters Fully customizable including one Team Sports Class For each category.

Plus all Cosmetic products Releases will now be unlocked in the game, without any premium coin or shop. Players can also play Offline, Make enemies disappear, detonate genome bombs, and join three friends or one in pink 8v8 multiplayer session Thanks to the full range of settings to customize your gaming style, targeting Nintendo’s operating controls.

The title is available Nintendo iShop Priced at 39.99 euros.

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