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The Internet describes March 31 as the day Mario died

The Internet describes March 31 as the day Mario died

It’s been over a week since the removal of Nintendo – for unsatisfactory reasons – Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Brothers 35 and Game & Watch: Collected sales by Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers. It’s a strange situation, the Internet tried to justify it with a statement that March 31 is actually the day of Mario’s death. Last year, Nintendo released a series of products to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary, with the strange condition that they would not do it. We will not sell it after March 31, 2021. Battle Royale platform game, Super Mario Bros. 35, the game is not available Play After this date, Super Mario Maker on Wii U will also stop sharing the status quo. The reissue for Strange, NES, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light will be removed from sale on March 31 (maybe Mario’s favorite game?).

Despite the confusion from fans – who wants the option of being able to buy or play games after an arbitrary cut – Nintendo is really sticking with its guns on the matter. The company recently officially reminded fans of the removals and VGC The official Tokyo Nintendo store is also reported to be retiring My body – my body Copies of Super Mario 3D All-Stars are on the shelves after the story.

Honestly, even Nintendo seems to understand the confusion it causes, and it happens Another reminder was removed Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury and other Mario games such as Mario Card Live: Home Circuit are guaranteed to continue selling after March 31st. There is an option to re-release the affected games in the new non-anniversary model after March 31, but Nintendo has not tried, you know, to let anyone know then.

Being as close as possible to all of this came from Nintendo boss Duck Bowser in the US, he said: Ript It was supposed to be a “celebration” and (fortunately) made it clear that “it is not” [a] We will use it extensively, but we thought it would be very unique for a real anniversary. “Honestly, regardless of whether something comes after the truth, it doesn’t seem enough to explain the thinking here.

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So, with the lack of information, Nintendo’s Gestalt community has come to the same conclusion: Mario will die on March 31st. Sound But it somehow makes more sense than Nintendo’s decision to stop people from buying or using things they did without explanation.

The memorial has been pending for several months since the March 31 cut was announced, but as we found it in the few days before the deadline, interest is beginning to spread. Google Trends “Mario Dice” searches in the US reached an annual high last week, and Twitter and Reddit see the phrase spreading more and more. You can expect it to continue to grow until March 31st.

This is a very funny memory, but here it talks about the big issue in the Nintendo News. Taking things into its own hands, the company didn’t do much to explain its results to its fans who came up with an answer to the question of whether Nintendo really didn’t like being there. If it takes a while to provide additional environment, it will not be so Clearly visible Mario is going to the Grand Palace de Bowe in the sky.

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I mean, Nintendo doesn’t look like a pioneer here – after all, it only killed Luigi once.

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