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Nintendo: Historical history may be back, a poll makes fans dream

Nintendo: Historical history may be back, a poll makes fans dream

While waiting to find out we will see the most rumored announcement in the next few hours Nintendo Switch Pro, Fans of Kyoto’s universe are centered on a strong signal Return of a loving history. It all came to light through a recent survey, which directly asks fans how they will pick up this brand new chapter that has been forgotten for more than a few years now.

Let’s talk about Warrior, The crazy concentration of mini-games played by Wario and company. In particular, in a recent poll, Nintendo asked its users how much they would be interested in spending $ 49.99 to buy the next title in Warrior history. A move to test the water without any doubt, but it may obscure the soon-to-come crazy and bizarre brand new redesign.

That is to say, Nintendo will lend itself to a new game in the Switch Warrior series. Think of all the mini-games that can be built around the concept of a hybrid console or its unique Joy-Con. For the time being we only have this survey proposed by the Japanese company, we do not know whether the work for the future topic has already started or the next phase of development is planned.


Returning Wario’s crazy franchise would be a real conspiracy, and the switch would give the game room even more variety, offering an incredible breadth of already different experiences. The last episode of the Warrior series landed on the Nintendo 3DS in 2018 with the golden episode.

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