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PS4, Xbox One E Nintendo Switch -

PS4, Xbox One E Nintendo Switch –

Italian developer 34 Pictures They announced the release of the port PS4, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch of Conglomerate 451: high load, A roll-flaming game with rogue elements created by the Italian studio Rooneyheads.

Congolomarate 451: Overload is the first person RPG with management components, whose practice maps are generated. The Sports Based on methodological warfare and research.

34 Pictures CEO Valerio Di Donado said: “We are pleased to announce the release of the Congomarate 451: Overload Port for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and offers more players the opportunity to experience this future RPG created by talented friends at Runeheads.

Rooneyheads CEO Matteo Ciuteri reiterated general satisfaction: “From the beginning our idea was to bring the Conglomerate 451 to as many players as possible: we designed the game with the console release in mind. Collaborating with 34 Pictures has given us the opportunity to reach the goal, now CongoMorat 451: Overload is available to anyone who wants to play it on their console.

Congolomarate 451: Note that the overload is runable Backwards compatibility The PS5 and Xbox Series X and S have also been available for PC for a long time. If you want more information, read our CongoMorate 451 review.

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