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Pour the Un Trailer DC Superhero Girls Sur Nintendo Switch

DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power Sorting Le4 Jun Sur Nintendo Switch

As you explore every nook and cranny of the famous metropolis, save your metropolis by wearing your DC superhero girls attire

June 1, 2021 – DC Superhero Girls: Players jump into battle as Teen Power, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Badgirl (and other surprises): Available on Nintendo Switch this week.

While maintaining the social life of a young man at Metropolis High School, is he ready to save the city from the clutches of a group of evil DC super villains? If you have mastered shooting after class and have hung out with your friends, Metropolis needs your services!

DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power, where players can achieve incredible combos in battle and play using a wide variety of abilities unique to the six characters. Wonder Woman uses her warrior skills, armed with her Lasso of Truth and her flying armor. Supergirl has its Laser Vision and Super-Breath, while Badgirl can detect anti-criminal gadgets like Bad-Hookshot.

The happiest and most restless Harley Quinn can use his mega-jump to create damage and play troublemaker. Catwoman, a highly skilled diamond thief, can nail and defend her enemies using the dancing ability of cats. Finally, Star Sapphire can exert its power from the Love Cage to imprison any enemy. This will amaze Toyman’s assistants!

When players are not busy fighting, they can choose to explore different parts of the metropolis city. They sometimes store missing cats there, or they collect clothes to enhance their style. Players can rebuild the dilapidated area of ​​the city, donate money to open stores or even rebuild buildings.

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Inspired by the DC Superhero Girls animated series, this new game offers many hours of fun for everyone who wants to come to the aid of citizens, while ensuring the rule of justice. Don’t forget to drop a drink at the Sweet Justice Cafe after your work!

DC Superhero Girls: Teen Power is coming to Nintendo Switch this week. D.C. Players can join the battle as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Badgirl to save the metropolis from the clutches of the best supervisors in the Universe. When not fighting crime, superheroes can freely explore the city of metropolis and find its best places.

DC Superhero Girls: Licensed to Teen Power Warner Bros. Interactive. All DC ™ characters and logos & © 2021 DC.