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Nintendo Eshop Credit - Top Up Now

Nintendo Eshop Credit – Top Up Now

Nintendo Switch owners can buy digital games at the Nintendo EShop.


You can find lots of digital games and current discounts on the Nintendo EShop. Here you can buy codes and top up your credit.

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As the owner of the Nintendo Switch, you can choose between body cartridges and digital games. The latter is available from Nintendo iShop. Switch users can find many discounts, which is why it is worthwhile to visit the offer pages regularly. To buy games on eShop, you need enough credit in your Nintendo account. This can be charged directly through the purchase console or codes in advance. If you have something big Nintendo-Switch* As fans know, the codes for the Nintendo eShop are also great as a gift.

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Top-up Nintendo iShop Credit – You can get the codes here

Nintendo Eshop Credit Cards

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Nintendo iShop Credit – Buy Codes Now

  • A quick and easy alternative to buying via Nintendo eShop – without a credit card
  • Available codes are optional For 15 euros, 25 euros or 50 euros
  • Recoverable
    – Nintendo Switch
    – Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL
    – Nintendo 2DS / 2DS XL
    – New Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL
    – Wee you
  • On NintendoAccount The codes need to be retrieved
  • Notes:
    – Money cannot be withdrawn
    – Available only to customers in Germany and Austria

Nintendo iShop Credit – Buy Codes Now

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Nintendo iShop: How to Recover Codes

  1. Open Nintendo iShop Processor On your Nintendo Switch (or other Nintendo console).
  2. Sign in to your Nintendo account.
  3. Go “Redemption codeEnter more 16 digit code here.
  4. The loan will then be credited to your account.

(ec) * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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