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New Ring Fit Adventure Accessories From Snake Bite • Nintendo Connect

New Ring Fit Adventure Accessories From Snake Bite • Nintendo Connect

Training inside, fit outside: Ring Fit Adventure For the Nintendo Switch, its innovative training approach to the whole body has been a hit with all game-loving gamers. The boys and girls from Snake Bite fit something new in their range – that is Ring: Kid S. The ring acts as a filler for the cone and leg strap, especially if you share equipment with other household members.

“The Ring: King’s Snake Snake Bite to Ring Con has two extra gray handles so that each player can use his or her own handle. The current press release says that the light and flat material is specially selected for use in sports and is non-slip and breathable and can be adjusted to a foot circumference of 30 cm to 60 cm following the foot strap.

Ring: With the Kit S, health game fun is possible with many users thanks to the padding handles, which can be converted to a ringing con and leg strap. Players simply use different sets, so each has his or her own kit. In addition, all components of the Ring: KIT S are washable at 30 in the washing machine, so it is fresh and clean with each new session. The practical package is available for 19.99 And available at select specialty stores.

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