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Scrap Garden

Scrap Garden invites you to some exciting puzzles on the Nintendo Switch in a few days

Appeared five years ago Scrap Garden Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Now there should also be a puzzle site about the lone robot Kanye Nintendo Switch Published, as announced by publisher ChiliDog Interactive. In a few days, Morning 13. August, You can immerse yourself in the tricky adventure. The title can already be used 6.99 Euro IM Nintendo iShop You can order in advance.

Scrap Garden is about the little robot Kanye. Initially he wakes up in a completely orphaned, desolate world and then decides to investigate the disappearance of his metal plots. To do this, the beautiful machine must overcome many obstacles and overcome many dangers.

According to the developers, Scrap Garden’s game policy is based on the well-known statistics of 3D platform types, including Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. In addition, from time to time there are puzzles and mini-games that need to relax common events and make them different. In addition to loneliness, other serious topics such as the conflict between nature and technology need to be dealt with in the story. Below is the recently released trailer for the upcoming version of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Does Scrap Garden Arouse Your Interest?

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