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Nintendo Downloads of the Week for July 15, 2021 – ntower

As every Thursday, we bring you the latest releases for the Nintendo Switch today. No doubt the highlight of the week The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Wall HD. The remake of Classic Wee hit us inside Test Many hours of fully believing in playing with Nintendo’s hybrids. You can see all the new releases in Nintendo EShop from our perspective.

Nintendo Switch – New Releases (Retail)

  • Curved space
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Wall HD

Nintendo Switch – New Releases (Download)

  • 3D Air Hockey
  • When he dies
  • ASMR Journey – Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Car Wash – Car & Truck Wash Garage game for kids
  • Dark nights with Poe and Monroe
  • Defend the kingdom
  • Rules of Art
  • Guild of Darksteel
  • Induction
  • Is it wrong to try to shoot girls in a dungeon?
  • Junkyard Builder
  • Labyrinth City: Bear the Maze Detective
  • Lambs on the road: The beginning
  • Lost Crimsons 3: Forgotten Well
  • Macrodis: A Mother’s Journey
  • Red Colony2
  • Restless night
  • Risk system
  • Rogue Star Recovery
  • Rogue guides
  • SpaceX Commander
  • Skeekers II
  • Theophilus
  • Inside the blade
  • Wisdom
  • Word Crush is hidden

Content that can be downloaded from the Nintendo Switch

  • Discoya 6: Violation of the rule
  • Evolution Board Game
  • Jigsaw Masterpiece
  • The Civilization of Sid Mier VI
  • WorldNeverland – Kingdom of Elnia

Nintendo Switch – Demos

  • Bit farm
  • Weeping suns
  • Space Marshals

Nintendo Switch – Reductions

There are currently 895 games offered on the Nintendo iShop of the Nintendo Switch. Highlights include the State of Mind (1.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros), Vaborum (9.99 euros instead of 24.99 euros), Asterix & Obelix XXL3: Crystal Menhere (6.99 euros instead of 34.99 euros) and 1999 euros instead of resident euros. Disclosures 2 (7.99 euros instead of 24.99 euros). You can find all the offers in it Overview

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