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The final Joycon traction solution has been found!

The final Joycon traction solution has been found!

A real burden facing many thousands of players, the Jaycon slip is a major issue affecting the detachable controllers of the “classic” Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite. Only yesterday did a person find a permanent and functional solution to solve the problem in the simplest way …

A piece of paper. Yes, it is very simple.

To fix a jig with this sliding problem yourself, you will need something more to open it, so a dry-wing screwdriver and finally a piece of paper, nothing more than that, nothing less.

VK, a web user who shared the solution, shows the various ways that popular slides spread across the internet, whether by lubricating the joystick, by blowing compressed air, by changing the stick, and so on, all of his solutions, no matter how effective they are Temporary.

There is also the Nintendo service department that offers free repair of Jaycon, but the problem is that sometimes they are replaced, which indicates the risk of losing your limited edition controllers in exchange for basic gray controls. Regardless of the fact that the repair time was left without controllers …

That’s when the real source of the problem was raised in his video, It is the absence of pressure between the shell of the jacon and the base of the stick, Therefore, the latter can be easily solved by adding a slight thickness under the joystick, i.e. a simple sheet with a thickness of 1 mm (for example a small cardboard stock).

For the most daring of you, so this repair can be done (tested and approved on a controller that was moving with us).

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The origin of the problem comes from the design of the sticks, which are a plastic base that rests on an aluminum bed, which when flattened into a new controller, after several weeks. The stick will no longer rest completely on this site, thus creating false contacts. Adding a small thickness under this base helps to restore its initial position by pressing against the stick, which permanently eliminates any slipping problem.

Be careful, opening your levers activates immediately a End of warranty For these.

The trick works in principle on the Nintendo Switch Lite as well, but opening the console is a little less accessible if you are afraid that you will skip everything.

Here is a video of the keynote that will guide you through your repairs: