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Nintendo Direct officially announced

We get a Nintendo Direct, yes, we finally get one again The right one Nintendo Live. This is the first Nintendo Direct in a year and I am very excited to see what Nintendo will show us. Exaggeration is great among Nintendo fans and Direct’s expectations are huge.

The Nintendo Direct takes place on February 17th (tomorrow) and is scheduled for 50 minutes. Of course, Nintendo has not given any details yet, but in addition to the upcoming and yet-to-be-announced switch games, tomorrow they also want to name new details in current games like Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.


Many of us have only one small catch: German time does not take place live until 11pm. So we will not report new games until Thursday, but of course you can follow the event live on YouTube:

Stay tuned 23:00 Check out the new version of Nintendo Direct! You will receive news in about 50 minutes focusing on games such as Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and games released for the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.

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