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Microsoft advertised pirated Nintendo copies for the Edge browser

Microsoft advertised pirated Nintendo copies for the Edge browser

“For all fans of Back-Man, Tetris and Mario Kart. Did you know that Microsoft Edge offers other and other retro games in its extensions?”, It said in an official Microsoft Edge Dev account tweet a few days ago.

In fact, they offered 35 games like Mario Kart 64, Sonic 2, Super Mario Bros. and Minecraft. The tweet was later deleted because the games were illegal copies.

How On the edge Reportedly, 10 different providers, none of them Nintendo or Microsoft, offered games. Since these are unknown developers, it is fair to assume that these are plagiarized copies of popular classics.

Games will be available from October

Users report that the free browser extension for Mario Cart 64 causes a ROM file to be downloaded. Nintendo in particular is known to take legal action against sites that offer images of their games to prototypes. So it is unlikely that this was the legal version.

Some of the offer games have already been released in October 2020 and have yet to be discovered. Now all offers have been removed from the expansion list.

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