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Mundan, a horror-adventure game inspired by alpine folk tales, reveals its behind-the-scenes expression

Mundan, a horror-adventure game inspired by alpine folk tales, released its hotel inspired by the movie Shining

The fourth episode of BDS for Alpine Folk-inspired horror adventure game Mundavun shows the cinematic inspiration behind a building of the game.

Tuesday February 16, 2021 – MWM Interactive (M.W.M.) Publishes today The fourth episode of the bi-weekly series of behind-the-scenes video series From the horror-adventure game முண்டான் of Hidden fields, A one-person studio founded by Swiss developer and illustrator Michael Ziegler.

In this fourth chapter, “Hotel“, Players will find that hotel முண்டான் Not just one Tribute In The Shining, This is a ghost real place. Players can enjoy its experience முண்டான் Who inspired Michael Ziegler Build his game. Chapter Four, Hotel, Now available on YouTube.

முண்டான் The first game Michael Ziegler, And takes the soldiers on a journey of a young man traveling to a dark and isolated valley Alps Face a malicious company that lives there and find it The mystery of his grandfather’s death.

முண்டான் Available on 16 mars on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X | Via S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch et PC via Steam and L Epic Game Store. Steam users can now add முண்டான் Their Wishlist. Additional episodes of this video series will be released two weeks before the game starts.

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