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Nicoltti denies responsibility, but Dosti encourages: "A shattered plan"

Nicoltti denies responsibility, but Dosti encourages: “A shattered plan”

MATERA In early December last year, the City of Modera, amid fierce opposition criticism, approved the “variant Fordonado”, the Ater the Territorial Residential Building Company, which had given permission for the demolition of the former Gustino. Fortunato School has built six dormitories in its place known as “parking” despite the area’s original purpose.

So it seemed to residents of Fortunato County and urban historians that nothing could be done now to prevent the former school from being demolished. However, there was a twist: the Basilicotta Regional Council found that building permits had been issued by the Matera municipality beyond the permitted conditions, canceling funding for the construction of six shelters. Thereafter, only after the “credible plan” was put in place, the region offered the municipality of Madeira a second chance to reallocate funds.

From that moment on, “Variant Ferdinando” remained silent until City Planning Councilor Nicolette returned to the story the next day, saying, “In the analysis of the plan put forward by Gustino Fordunado by Ater, the municipal administration guaranteed compliance. Full compliance with the rules, compliance with administrative continuity and administrative continuity.”

Immediately, Nicolette stressed: “The plan presented by Aeter started on the wrong foot, the lack of involvement and for this – the city planning councilor continued – we need to add to the increasing institutional and political malpractice of a region as a network of prisoners. The city of Potenza lacks dialogue and communication between companies. Finally – Nicoletti concludes – After the last communications received in the region, Ater has prepared a timetable (with an incomprehensible delay) in which it becomes clear that the times are too short and probably not enough anymore.

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To all of this, opposition councilor Milena Dosty (Matera 3.0)’s response did not take long, defining the construction of the six-storey apartment building as a “crime” and “unfortunately underlining the stupidity of the current municipal administration.” Dosty pointed out that Councilor Nicolette had tried to “exempt” everyone except himself (officials, regional colleagues and even the opposition) from any responsibility. “

Finally, Dosty continued, “Under the supervision of Councilor Nicolட்டிtti, there are a number of issues associated with the Meteoro Municipality’s town planning office, such as a long-term and poorly managed staff shortage, or lack of transparent management. The energy is clearly dispersed.