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Erscheint am 17. März 2022 für PC: das neue Die Siedler (Abbildung: Ubisoft Blue Byte)

The Settlers will be released for PC on March 17th

Coming to PC March 17, 2022: New The Settlers (Image: Ubisoft Blue Byte)

After many years of silence, Ubisoft was relaunched Immigrants Faster than expected: The strategy game will launch on March 17th.

The sequel to the cult series was first announced Immigrants Already on Gamescom 2018 – Scheduled Date: 2019. After many delays, brand protectors at Ubisoft Düsseldorf no longer want to set a new date A break “Indefinitely” One. Christmas was the first sign of life just before 2021 – including the possibility of the beta phase starting from January.

An amazing news today: New ‘ Immigrants Is a ‘reboot’, which, according to the manufacturer, takes precedence Immigrants3 (1998) and Immigrants4 (2001) Inspired. This game is newly developed with in-house snow drop engine. Settlers includes three game modes, including single player campaign and multiplayer mode.

The novelty is offered in three different versions: As a standard version, as an Explorer version (also sold in stores) and as a deluxe version with digital additions.

The authors of several specialized magazines have already had the opportunity to try the game – however, the preliminary decision was either cautious or catastrophic. Thinks PC Games concept “Wrong direction” – Gamestar Headlines: “Not a good immigrant, not a good game”. Especially criticized as sports “Has nothing in common with building games” But the lightweight real-time strategy has evolved into a game.

If you want to create your own judgment: The beta is scheduled to close on January 20-24, 2022. If you have a Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games Store account, you can Register here.

Immigrants It is one of the most popular and most traditional sports brands in German speaking countries. The series’ roots go back to 1993: Immigrants Mülheim Studio established BlueByte’s reputation for PC and Amiga, which was acquired by Ubisoft in 2001. Today the studio network has three branches: Düsseldorf (Immigrants), Berlin (ua For Cry6) And Mains (Year 1800) With over 700 employees, Ubisoft Blue Byte is considered One of the biggest bosses German sports department.

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