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Immigrants: Names Ubisoft release date and closed beta

Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft began recording the closed beta of “The Settlers” at the end of last year and after confirming the news for January 2022, the publisher is now setting the date for the closed beta and the built-up actual release date. -Time strategy game.

Settlers will be released for PC on March 17th of this year, but the closed beta will start on January 20th in a week. Interested parties can continue Apply for a closed beta on Ubisoft. However, it remains to be seen whether players will be selected to participate. Players participating in the upcoming closed beta can complete an exercise, access two divisions and two fighting modes that can be played, as well as 1v1 and 2v2. The closed beta will run on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect from January 20 to 24. The closed beta pre-load will be available on January 18th.

In addition to the new screen shots, Ubisoft has also released a new trailer to announce the release.

Restart based on Parts 3 and 4

Created by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, The Settlers returns as a relaunch inspired primarily by the two most popular games of the series, The Settlers 3 and The Settlers 4. This game relies on Ubisoft’s own Snow Drop engine and is based on it. Immigrants have three different game modes: Single Player Campaign, Rush and Fight (AI, Co-op and AI or PvP up to eight game ends).

Players can already pre-order The Settlers from the Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store. Available in three editions for The Settlers release:

  • Standard version: basic game
  • Entdecker version (retail version): basic gameplay, as well as physical and digital plugins
    • Digital: Innovation package with exclusive title “Entdecker”, a compass logo and “Sign of the Scout”
    • Physics: The three lithographs of the conceptual art of the game and the physics version of selected parts of the game soundtrack
  • Deluxe Edition: Basic Games, Deluxe Gallery and other digital plugins
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