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Niantic promises greater transparency in Pokemon GO • Nintendo Connect

Niantic promises greater transparency in Pokemon GO • Nintendo Connect

Thanks for the new one Niantic Pokemon GO Blog Post Your curiosity and concerns expressed about some results in the last weeks and months Pokemon GO. The internal working group has now spent a lot of time discussing the changes, which is why there is now a definite update!

Executive producer Steve Wang said he listened to Niantic Blair’s comments and arranged four roundtables, where he and his team talked to more than 30 community leaders from around the world. The two main topics they asked for were:

  • The 80 meter communication radius for PokéStops and Arenas has improved incredibly positive quality of life over the past year and a half.
  • Niantic has a lot of room to grow when interacting with players.

It will now be maintained as the increased contact distance of 80 meters has become a welcome benefit for many players. Announced last week and as we announced here on Nintendo Connect Now 80 meters (Not 40 meters) Basic contact radius for PokéStops and venues Will be global.

Seasonal global bonus

Starting with the comedy season, all bonuses are set globally and linked directly to the seasons Pokemon GO Knot. You can find more details about this bonus in yesterday’s headline.


Niantic wants to improve communication with players, but also hopes for your patience and understanding if things don’t go right overnight. There will be many opportunities for improvement, but when we start Niantic we are given the following promises:

  • Beginning in October, Niantic publishes a developer diary each month to keep track of the latest priorities, events and features. Pokemon GO contact.
  • Nyandik will conduct regular interviews with community leaders to continue the conversation they started this month.
  • They will do their job to refresh the page. “Known problems“Prioritize this effort to make coaches more aware of existing bugs.

We love the interest of Pokemon Go coaches in this game and want to know how much we are interested in the game and the community. The lack of communication regarding the communication radius of PokéStops and Arenas was not handled properly on our side and was a great learning experience on how to better engage with our players in the future. Our priority is to bring people out into the real world and build human relationships with each other. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us – you can ask back from us soon.

Steve Wang, Executive Producer Van Pokemon GO

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