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Cooking Mom: Is Cookstar Excluded from Nintendo ESHAP and Accused of Mining Cryptocurrencies?  Let’s try to clarify

Cooking Mom: Is Cookstar Excluded from Nintendo ESHAP and Accused of Mining Cryptocurrencies? Let’s try to clarify

It was released last week on the American Nintendo ESAP, New sequel to the game According to a lengthy report published by the well-known IGN portal, Cooking Mom. The game in question is called Cooking Mom: Cookstar. Over the weekend, the game, meanwhile, seems to have been withdrawn from the Nintendo iShop and some special sites. Why?


First, over the weekend, we can confirm it Nintendo has withdrawn the game from the Nintendo iShop In each region, where available. The current situation has prompted many users in the US to ask Nintendo directly about the story on Twitter. This has become necessary considering that there are contradictory, sometimes contradictory, communications, but none of them come from official sources.

Hypotheses and assumptions

In this general confusion, the well-known IGN portal, at one point, called the theory Nintendo is actually the best-selling game on the eShop, Can Non To be real Proper, But a fake copy of the real game, even if based on any flaws in the game produced and published online.

According to this deletion, the developers would have created a game that could be used for the purpose of completely encrypting the terms and conditions required by game makers for Nintendo consoles to exploit cryptocurrencies.

Confused uncle: Cookstar, referring to the complete inactivity of the official game and the use of blockchain technology. This technology is commonly used to generate and mine cryptocurrencies.

The real reasons

This morning, developers and Nintendo of the United States responded by saying that the real possibilities for mining cryptocurrencies are very imaginary. This stems from the fact that blockchain technology has not been updated since February 2019, in the meantime the technology has implemented changes. Changes that would have made the game unusable for indirect purposes. Finally, the Nintendo Switch operating system, due to software modules, does not allow its use for these purposes, although it is not very effective considering the hardware available. Nintendo has officially denied any speculation about the improper nature of the game.

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The real reason for this withdrawal is a problem found within the game related to excessive drainage of the battery. What do you think about it? Please let us know by joining the group Telegraph.