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Here's how to fix error 2123-1502 on the Nintendo Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium

Here’s how to fix error 2123-1502 on the Nintendo Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium

Stability issues on the Nintendo Switch are rare, but the latest update Version 12.0.3 Such as some ences have led to cariesError 2123-1502. Some users have reported receiving this error code in this attempt Download or update Your own games from Nintendo ESHAP. The Kyoto-based company has briefly stopped adding firmware to try Fix the bug, But the problem still appears to some.

The first possible solution is very simple. Make sure you are connected Perfect wifi network I am Going “System settings“, By clicking”Website“, Selecting”Internet settings“, Select the name of your link and finally click”Connect to this networkYou should close the console completely, restart the Nintendo switch and try downloading a software or update.

If that doesn’t work, Nintendo’s customer service also recommends it Clear cache Of your user profile. This will clear the console’s web history, cookies and stored web login, but will not affect games. To accept this procedure, you must go “System settings“, Select”Design options“Finally select”Reset cache”.

Another possible solution to the error 2123-1502 on the Nintendo EShop DNS systems In WiFi settings. We have to go. “System settings“, Select”Website“, Select”Internet settingsClick your WiFi network. At this point, you have to select “Manual“In the area dedicated to DNS systems. Then set the primary DNS address to, the secondary to and finally save the changes.

The last solution is simply Please retry the download As long as it works. In fact, some users claim to have successfully overcome the error by adopting this procedure. However, it can happen The problem persists Even when doing Other downloads. However, since the bug is rooted in firmware 12.0.3, these bug fixes and the bug may continue until Nintendo releases New link.

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