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New Pokemon Snap, Preview of New Game Movie

New Pokemon Snap, Preview of New Game Movie

We saw a long presentation of the new Pokemon Snapdragon game for the Nintendo Switch: what we found out about the dynamics here

Renew when true to tradition. This seems to be the magic of Pokemon’s new products, which have been confirmed New Pokemon Snap, A reinterpretation Bandai Namco An excellent classic of the Nintendo 64 era. Waiting Exit date, Set up on Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021, we were able to help Preview Camera control, rating system, changes in shots and, finally, photo editing and sharing options: for a long game video that allowed us to explore some dynamics.

Check the camera

For beginners, the Pokemon snap is a specific type of “shooter on the tracks” where instead of bullets, guns are “fired” at the monsters in the habitat of the moment. Developed by Hall Lab and released in 1997, it then took us on a hike on a kind of interactive safari that allowed us to meet all kinds of Pokemon. To confirm the variety, more and more tools were gradually opened to unlock the reactions: food to attract monsters, smoke balls to distract them or bokeh flute to wake them up.

Taking this dynamic into account, the new Pokemon Snap is a sober spin-off that focuses more on fan service and more or less marked interest in taking photos of players. For this reason, one of the most important points to look at in action is the camera and yours Control system. Two systems are used objectively: the first classic, with analog sticks to move the frame; The second uses a gyroscope instead. In both cases you can zoom in and out and a quick start training clarifies everything after a few minutes.

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Picasso, as usual, will be “dubbed”

All that is left at this point is to begin to explore part of this moment, which is in this particular case Rosaride Beach. We set sail on the rails of a kind ship and start taking pictures of Pokemon. The number of shots available per session is small, but it is not necessary to over-measure one’s desire to photograph Pokemon. These appear in different looks and professions and change according to the time of day. We do not yet know how many views will be available, but exploring the different islands of the Lentil region we will have to deal with habitats and ecosystems that are very different from each other. As with the original, it is important to use certain ingredients to get the best shots: throwing fruit allows a fire to aim to cook Pok போகmon, while still being mysterious Spheres of light They provide access to different interactions between monsters and the environment. Playing a melody moves creatures in a unique way, but also requires a “scan” function: it not only allows you to make Pokemon moves, but also allows you to detect secret areas or areas. This is why it is important to look around every corner, Hidden Cows and Pokemon. It is not yet clear how many variables will be involved, but it is clear that the goal of the developers is to bring us back to the same habitats again and again to guarantee good reuse.

Evaluation and modification method

The higher the Pokemon in the law the higher the rating
The higher the Pokemon in the law the higher the rating

New scenes open up as your study level increases. In this sense, the ratings of the photographs of the professor from Lentil Island, prof. Speculax. These are based on a star structure, the parameters of the subjects, their size within the photograph, the amount of rotation toward the lens and their position in the frame.

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Before approaching speculum ratings, it is necessary to select the photo that we consider the best for each Pokemon, and based on the “rarity” of the indestructible moment. Rare signal is given by a different number of stars from 1 to 4; Once the shot has been evaluated, you can decide if you want to add it to our photo gallery Phototex, The score obtained will increase the size of our study.

Photo of Machamp ready for Instagram
Photo of Machamp ready for Instagram

It also seems rather structured Editing mode Of films. At Resnap we can change the photo to its basic structure: not only magnification, gradient and brightness, but also focal aperture, depth of field and focus level; You can add some color filters and a caption. With the editor, we can insert other filters, frames and a dozen stickers to choose from from bows, caps and balloons. The Nintendo Switch can share everything online: photos can be posted on the player’s profile and evaluated with medals by others, or a kind of “like” mechanism that can increase the popularity and coverage of each image.

Finally, there are some details about the encounters with Pokemon, which were influenced in some way by the mysterious Lumina event: they may indicate that they are similar to the original bosses found, but did not deepen the topic during the event. . The technology sector, on the other hand, is good for animations and Pokemon models: inevitably reduced contact with the scene has allowed us to push in this direction more than what happened in the last episodes of the main series.

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A beautiful bellows dance
A beautiful bellows dance

The new Pokemon Snap confirms itself as an interesting cycle for Pokemon fans. A game that has a specific goal in mind for super enthusiasts and does not want to revolutionize anything: for this reason it can achieve the goal of entertaining the most hardcore pokemon relaxed and relaxed.


  • Proven formula
  • Different possibilities of interactions
  • Deep photo editing mode


  • Reuse still needs to be evaluated
  • How does a “boss fight” work?