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Nugekubi, Jiriya's Mobile Game: How to Download It?  - Breakflip

Nugekubi, Jiriya’s Mobile Game: How to Download It? – Breakflip

Ziraya presents its first mobile game: Nukubi. We explain where to download it!

This is an announcement made during the event “Mobile” on LESTREAM. Ziraya embarked on a project he describes as “crazy sick”: providing a mobile game to his community. This game is called Nukube, which is already available for free download.

If you want to play, go to the Android PlayStore and download the game for free. At this address. For Apple iOS users, the game is not available.

How to play Jiriya mobile game?

To download Nukubi game, go to your phone shop. Unfortunately for Apple users, the game is only available on Android.

For the description of the game, there is nothing better than the official description:

  • Nugekubi is a non-advertising arcade game where your maps will allow you to progress in the Japanese world. Whether you are playing alone or playing with your friends, reach the finish line as quickly as possible by adjusting your drawings to the obstacles you face.
  • Did you know Get exclusive skins from streamers directly involved in the game through your subscription!
  • If you prefer, you can change the look of your character in single player or multiplayer mode through our store.

Since the game is free, you can support it by purchasing skins from the game store!

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