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Silent Hill and Siren - Nert 4. Life Creator's first horror film released by Bokeh Game Studio

Silent Hill and Siren – Nert 4. Life Creator’s first horror film released by Bokeh Game Studio

Bokeh Game Studio First published Picture Horror film from the creator Silent Hill, Siren and Gravity Rush Keiziro Toyama. The game has no name yet and is currently scheduled for 2023 on all platforms.

Keichiro Toyama will not only lead the project, but will also include players such as Junya Okura, the lead designer of the Gravity Rush series, and Kasunobu Sato, the lead designer of the inspired PS3 game puppet.

Keichiro Toyama left Sony because he wanted to continue playing, and for this reason he founded Bokeh Game Studio. One of the first games created Action-adventure With horror colors.

However, in an old interview, Toyama said that this game should be fun and excite the players so that it does not scare them. However, the first widespread film was not intended to be intimidating: you see a strange one Creature Below, full of horns and wings. In the back you can see a kind of altar, once not so good.

The colors are, moreover, darker, different shades of red. While the stroke may not seem hyper-realistic, we would not like to be in the scene shown in this painting. We will definitely be Waiting With each update of this interesting project.

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