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New guidelines against bullying and cyberbullying at school: Download Documentation

New guidelines against bullying and cyberbullying at school: Download Documentation

This year all the schools came Guidelines for the Prevention and Diversification of Bullying and Cyberbullying, Prepared by the Ministry of Education. The accompanying note (Note No. 482 of 18.02.20219) explains the ultimate purpose of the 2017 First Guidelines: School managers, teachers and operators use requests and tools with proven scientific evidence to sometimes allow our students to understand, minimize, and combat negative events that affect them.

Many objectives have already been achieved due to the dedicated focus and commitment to the topic in recent years: the creation of the ELISA site (e-learning of teachers on anti-bullying techniques;) is possible, which allows a free training class for lecturers responsible for bullying and cyberbullying. Intervention policies also point to European initiatives in this regard: one example is Generazioni Cannes – Safe Internet Center Italian.

For this year, the text of the note states, major changes compared to the 2017 edition of Guidance Concern:

  • Symptoms of effective tools and good practices to combat bullying and cyberbullying events:
  • Focus on a secure Internet Center-Generations linked program;
  • Analysis of features related to e-learning training of referral teachers (ELISA platform – E-learning of teachers on anti-bullying strategies);
  • Signs of functional practices for creating effective actions are identified as “priority” and “recommended”;
  • Possible prevention models (universally-selected and indicated) at multiple levels and examples of their implementation;
  • Call for the formation of working groups (anti-bullying team and emergency team) at the school and local level, coordinated by special reference persons if necessary, using networks for any purpose;
  • Recommendations for interventional protocols for early testing of emergency events;
  • Recognizing initiatives and responsibilities of joint organizations and school staff;
  • Using dedicated web sites on corporate school sites to spread and resume a culture of respect for others;
  • Post link with Facebook model for reporting crime or risk situations to other competent organizations.
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Download the guides

Download the note