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In films, in films.  NASA has released spectacular photos of diligently landing on Mars

In films, in films. NASA has released spectacular photos of diligently landing on Mars

Le Rover diligence Suspended two meters from the ground Just before landing, Surface Tuesday In color … The NASA Released on Friday, February 19, 2021 The arrival of his new mission on the Red Planet.

During the final stages of its landing, over the last 20 meters, the vehicle was slowly grounded by three cables – a machine fitted with eight retro-rockets that had finished lowering its descent.

This unpublished photo was taken from below this descent stage, thus showing the top of the rover, with its six wheels used, and the Martian soil beneath it.

NASA’s Perseverance Rover lands on Mars on February 18, 2021. | Via NASA / JBL-Caltech /

Another image, this time of MRO exploration in orbit around Mars, captured descent shortly before this point: we can see the magnification, the rover is protected in the atmosphere by its entry capsule, slowly, fully elevated by its large supersonic parachute.

This parachute can be seen on the back of the rover of diligence, this image was taken on February 18, 2021 by the Harris (high resolution imaging test) camera at the Mars Reassessment Orbiter. | Via NASA / JBL-Caltech /

In the third photo, in the first color diligently sent from the surface of Mars, the shadow of the vehicle is drawn to the ground, where there are some rocks, and in the distance on the horizon, a relief – like a shadow coming from.

This is the first high resolution color image provided by Percussion Rover’s Hazard Cameras (Hascoms). | Via NASA / JBL-Caltech /

“Look at this! “

When looking at these pictures, “Teams unleashed”, Said Pauline Hwang, who is in charge of surface operations on Mars. “The news team of the science team was on fire, they were saying‘ look at this ’,‘ look at this ’! “

Euphoric NASA engineers after the rover of perseverance “landed” on February 18, 2021. | Via Bill Incals / NASA / Reuters

In the fourth image, we can see the color, one end of one of the vehicle’s six wheels, and the surface of the red planet – rather yellow, although the color still needs to be slightly adjusted.

One of the six wheels of the NASA rover appears in a high-resolution color image provided by malicious cameras (Hascoms) located under NASA crafts. | Via NASA / JBL-Caltech /

The ground contains 3.8 to 3.7 billion years old honeycomb rocks that are of particular interest to NASA. “One of the first questions we ask is whether these rocks have a volcanic or sedimentary origin.”, Explained Katie Stock Morgan, co-scientist of the project. “We could have gone down a volcanic eruption!”

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Two pictures taken from the front and back of the rover were already made public on Thursday, but in lower quality and in black and white.

The first image released by NASA when the rover of perseverance landed on Mars. | AFP Photo / NASA / Handout

NASA has not been able to confirm for the first time whether sound can be recorded by microphones. Confirmation is coming “This weekend or early next week”, Said Adam Steltsner.

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Minutes after the robot successfully landed, NASA members notice the first images of Mars' perseverance.

In films, in films. NASA has released spectacular photos of diligently landing on