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Netflix has canceled three of its most popular series: What They Are

Netflix has decided to cancel three popular series that have left millions of users frustrated: what they are and why this decision came

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Netflix The biggest platform of the moment when streaming movies and series. Almost any content, whether exclusive or not, will end there. However, unfortunately, that does not always happen. This is the situation Sabrina, Is different e Shine: Although this series is popular, it has been canceled, so it will not continue.

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Netflix: How to Close Sabrina, Shine and Attic

Sherlock Holmes Netflix

Sabrina The third season has arrived, and fans are waiting for the fourth, already over NetflixHowever this will be the last.

Is different, Which is about a boy with Asperger syndrome, who seeks love and freedom because Sabrina will end up with a fourth season and be permanently canceled.

Shine, Most recently, has arrived in August 2019, and we are currently in its third season. There is no official information about this here, but of course it is guaranteed to continue until the fourth chapter.

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