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Big word for small traffic lights: Senate plans a "pedestrian light signal system" - Berlin

Big word for small traffic lights: Senate plans a “pedestrian light signal system” – Berlin

There has been a disturbance every 20 minutes since the discovery of Berlin-Friedrichshagen electricity at the S-Bon station, when 88 trams from Rhodestorf and Shenich spit out packs of people driven by fixed car traffic Junction without a traffic light on a main road Someone else like rabbits to the platform – and soon, because you never know when the next train through S-Pan will be the last.

The tram operating company (not PVG in this case) developed a concept in 2010 to convert tram reverse rotation directly to the train station. So it writes the transport administration at the request of two left-wing MPs. The Senate considers it good (“continues to support planning”), but only the second winner in ping-pong with the Trepto-Copenic district office, which has been successfully sabotaging the relocation for eleven years (“no final agreement reached”).

[In unseren Leute-Newslettern berichten wir wöchentlich aus den zwölf Berliner Bezirken. Hier geht’s zur kostenlosen Bestellung:]

Now the Senate wants to install at least one traffic light – but nothing, but the “pedestrian light signal system” has already been “ordered by the road traffic authorities for the location of the Dalwitzer Land Strauss in front of the Schnaucher Strauss”.

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The information on the left side of the question was signed by Secretary of State Ingmar Streis, who, as a greener, should be aware of the fact that no “pedestrian demand light signal system” works. Instead, it should be called a “pedestrian light signal system” and, if necessary, a “pedestrian light signal system” is acceptable, although it is no longer read as a “pedestrian light signal system”. Incidentally, according to unconfirmed reports, the subject with this title is a traffic light with a pushpot, also known as a “begging lamp” by gradual moving pedestrians in terms of traffic policy. That would have been absolutely right, from the light signal to change a pedestrian request … – Oh, now it’s green, see you later!

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