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How to get an immediate strike to isolate oneself?

How to get an immediate strike to isolate oneself?

In order to encourage people to be severely isolated Positive, or symptomatic, for Govit-19, Jean Costex announced at his press conference on Thursday 7 January 2021 New device to get on-line strike instantly. From January 10, 2021, Victims of the virus and Unable to communicate Need to go to the site To announce. To Download their sick leave And Benefit from daily payments from the first day and an employer sub who pays without checking eligibility conditions Without waiting period. Health insurance has clarified the terms of this new device.

Step 1:

Site privacy report To announce. And Confirmation to be tested (RT-PC test or antigen test) Within 2 days Following the announcement day. At the end of this 1st phase, you can Upload proof to send to your employer (Privacy Receipt) If necessary, justify your absence. A unique file number Keep it for the rest of the process, which will be provided to you.

Your verdict will be systematically verified only after the end date of your screening test has been recorded To announce. So there is no doubt about staying home without being tested.

Step 2:

Once the test results are available, You need to reconnect To announce. (Report For agricultural workers) Registration, using your file number, end date And the location of the screening. Daily payments are made between the request date of the telecom service and the end date of the test, whether the test is positive or negative. This duration is not possible in all cases More than four days.

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At the end of this phase, a brief document can be downloaded directly (equivalent to the employer-targeted area of ​​the strike).

Os positive or negative, what’s next?

If the result is negative: Health insurance puts an end to the requested strike and the compensation ends on the evening of the date on which the result of the examination is announced.

If the test result is positive: Health insurance will call you Find your contacts and extend the strike So you can Isolate yourself for seven days From the first signs. Tito if you are positive but asymptomatic. The Prime Minister, during his press conference, stated that health insurance: “will carry out a formal follow-up.” Two to three phone calls in 7 days. A nurse will visit each positive home from January 20. “

Contact What about contact cases?

Persons who follow within the “tracking” framework of health insurance should continue to use it This situation already has telescopic service If their test (PCR or antigen) is positive and they are unable to communicate, they will enter the new service. To announce. Get sick leave easily. From the date of receipt of the test, they will benefit from an employer who will pay the daily allowances and the terms of entitlement without checking and waiting period.

Health insurance refers to it Checks will be carried out In order to avoid any abuse of this service.