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Neo 2: Before PS5 Launch: Update Enables cross-storage

Neo 2: Before PS5 Launch: Update Enables cross-storage

In a few days, the Neo 2 will appear to be better optimized for the PlayStation 5. The PS4 version is now pre-made via a patch.

Over the weekend, the Neo 2 will also be available in a new technical feature for the next Gen PS5 console. If you have already gambled on PS4 and want to switch without losing any game progress, now you need to download the latest patch for the title soon.

Team has released a related update for the PS4 version of the Ninja Neo 2, which not only brings more bug fixes and balance changes, but also the most important feature for converters: cross-save.

Owners of PS4 versions that already have PS5 will receive a free upgrade of the game to the PS5 version, but the system on PlayStation will have to manually save the saved versions from the last gen versions. PS5 can continue later. The functionality associated with it is now available for the Neo 2.

In the menu item “System” you will find the option you want to run. You need to download the storage yourself from PS5 Remaster and activate it there. Acquire as many trophies as possible.

Neo 2: Full Version – PC Features Trailer

The PC version of the Neo 2 comes with some specific features like 4K Ultra HD support, Ultra widescreen support, HDR and 144 Hz monitor support, standard 120 FPS and many more.

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