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Microsoft Air Simulator, Snow comes in real time

Xbox Series X | Microsoft Flight Simulator on S will not be reduced or simplified – Nert 4.Life

Microsoft Flight Simulator More to come Xbox Series X | S. But according to project manager Jork Newman, this is not his Reduction or simplification In terms of content, simulation and general technical implementation.

Newman wants to use the opportunity to open the game Significantly new audiences, But without distorting it, keeps his soul intact Simulation Complex and realistic. However, major improvements will be made at the forefront of exercises and systems Help Within the game to gradually introduce players to computers.

So the idea does not affect the structure of the game and its contents, but must function Support elements Integrated in order to allow everyone Learning Progressive of various systems to deal with simulation. This will be a part of the difference compared to the current version on the computer, instead it will mainly attract users of simulation enthusiasts.

“As for Xbox, I think we’re going to be dealing with a very dedicated audience that has been with Microsoft and Xbox since the beginning. There’s a real opportunity to bring millions of people here to watch the game. Should, ”Newman explained.

“One must Good frame rate And have a Wonderful, There is no doubt about it, “he added, adding that reducing or simplifying its technical features should not be a problem for even the Xbox Series X and Series S.

There will be more Cross play Support between Xbox and PC and for third-party devices, simulation works even better Controller But for the whole experience it is recommended that you use specific devices, some of which are Xbox Series X | S.

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Meanwhile, the PC version has expanded since the introduction of real-time snow with the UK World Update 3.