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Need to download Signal, Messaging to change WhatsApp?  : Current Female MAG

Need to download Signal, Messaging to change WhatsApp? : Current Female MAG

WhatsApp users, you have recently noticed that the app asks you to check its new terms of use so that you can continue to use its services for free. If you accept them, your personal data will be sent. You grant us the right to recover some of Facebook (WhatsApp’s parent company), Instagram and Messenger for advertising purposes: your phone number, your profile, your location, your contacts … the content of your transactions are protected by GDPR law (Public Data Protection Regulation).

But is there an alternative to this instant message? Yes! This is called the signal. The contestant has seen a surge in downloads in recent days, especially as some personalities like billionaire Elon Musk have called for users to be positive. Some voluntary organizations or associations also recommend this.

Why? This is because the signal usage generated by an independent non-profit organization is very obvious. So this would be the best use in terms of confidentiality.

Signal, how does it work?

This safe message, is available Android And iOS, Allows you to exchange text messages, but also to make audio or video calls and send files… In short, its functionality is very similar to that of WhatsApp. To register, you need a mobile phone number. No other data was requested.

If you’re going for it, adjust the application settings to suit your needs. You can deactivate receipt approvals (which allow users to view messages while reading), enable interim messages (which will disappear when your friends read them), or show notifications when a message is sent to you. Shipped, etc. This is your turn!

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