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The protagonist of NieR Gestalt may be included -

The protagonist of NieR Gestalt may be included –

NieR Replicant Remake, Or to be precise NieR copy ver.1.22474487139 …, Can be obtained later Nair is the protagonist of Gestalt As announced by producer Yoshuk Saito during the celebratory streaming broadcast for the Christmas holidays.

It is not easy to interpret Saito’s claims in this sense, as the Japanese language is somewhat explicit and a little off-putting, as the series’ creators, Yoko Toro, taught us, you do not know They talk seriously or make fun of Often, that will give them the paradox that distinguishes them.

The truth is, in the course of the video below, Cyto says he can see himself coming back at some point “Papa Water”, Or the nickname identified by the protagonist of NieR Gestalt, within NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … in the event that the latter reaches “about half” Sale Reached by Near Automata “.

Considering that the previous episode of this remake has reached at least 5 million copies according to the latest official data, if the new game is to be achieved 2.5 million copies sold Then Square Enix can insert the character in question. If the cyto is active, all of this is not a foregone conclusion.

If you do not follow the bizarre story, the original Nair came out in two different versions, starting with the protagonist and moving on from the need to save the young Jonah, both of whom suffered from the terrible “Black Scroll” disease: the epoch Japanese version, starring the girl’s brother as the father, was released in the Western version. .

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Based on the version released only in Japan, which features the brother as the protagonist, but also the chance to see the father in action, the favorite choice of many players, now “Water Papa”.