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“My heart is broken, I am in pieces”

Fierdaliso, the famous singer-songwriter in these hours of terrible grief first came from Piacenza: these are her words.

Cornflower (screenshot from Instagram)

Terrible Grief In these hours, simply known to Marina Fordaliso Cornflower. The famous singer-songwriter was originally from Piacenza and, in fact, recently announced Death His Cane Cleo, The Chihuahua he adopted about four years ago. Fordaliso, who was so attached to his dog and always had a wonderful feeling with animals, went missing really dramatically. However, we can proceed in this order and clarify further in this sense.

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Cornflower, terrible grief: his dog Cleo is dead

Firdaliso, a few hours ago, wrote these words on his profile Instagram: “Cleo ♥ ️ .. flew away .. suddenly .. my heart broke again… .I am in piecesEncouraging news from his followers and many colleagues, who revealed their intimacy with the famous Italian pop rock singer, did not wait.

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