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In the Gregorti case, Conte unleashes Salvini: "he decided":

In the Gregorti case, Conte unleashes Salvini: “he decided”:

Testimony today from the trial judge

Photo by Ansa / Ettore Ferrari

The Prime Minister guides the government’s general policy on immigration and liaises with other European countries to relocate immigrants to Italy. But he did not enter the end Taken by the then Home Minister, Matteo Salvini, To prevent landing advertising Augusta Of the 131 migrants on board Gregorian ship In July 2019. This is the supporting position Giuseppe Conte At the pre-trial To the trial judge of Catania who came to Palazzo Chik Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

In the green room of Palazzo Ciki, for more than two hours, the Prime Minister answered questions from the magistrate, the plaintiffs’ attorneys, and Salvini’s attorney. Giulia Pongiorno.
He is currently the same leader of the League, and when he entered the seat of government he released a selfie to remember that he was a minister. “Defended the country, reduced landings and lost at sea, saved lives, saved millions and Italians. I am proud of that.” Judge Sarbitro was ultimately satisfied. “The Prime Minister was cooperative, he answered all the questions, he was very calm, he made a great impression on me. I think he represents the country well,” he said. He left Palazzo Ciki.

Conte, For its part – we learn – M5S-Lega recognizes its role in government immigration policy, but He stressed that he was never involved in the decisions Safety location (pose) Ships with immigrants Or keeping them on board. The idea of ​​allowing the ministers of those days to land only after the agreement on the redistribution of immigrants had not yet been discussed at council meetings or at previous meetings. Palazzo Ciki’s offices instead dealt with relations with EU countries Relocation.

On similar occasions, Conte reminded Salvini to land minors, for example on an Open Arms ship. The government approved Dziotti Salvini’s hard line in its partnership, but it was another type of ship (convenient to accommodate large numbers of people) and had a dispute with Malta.

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Inquiry into Sorbitro “He clarified several elements. The prime minister dictates the public policy of the government. The nature of the” decisions “is related to the public process, and then personal events are handled by private ministers. I believe the prime minister has been informed about a thousand things, but he cannot follow everything once a minute.” However, the magistrate is not responsible for anything. Not unbalanced: “If we talk about criminal liability it is one thing, politics is another”, He noted.

In the end, Salvini also expressed satisfaction with the progress of the trial and praised the trial judge. “I thank him because in the days of Balamara, who exposed the bad face of the judiciary, I saw a judge who understood and understood. When we deal with judicial reform, we can count on the cooperation of many respected judges.” According to Giulia Pongiorno Then, Conde reiterated what Salvini had said. There was a change in immigration with the Conte I government, and the redistribution of immigrants was determined before the landing. The Prime Minister spoke of the teamwork, so Salvini’s not a bad choice for a minister, but a line shared by Conte “.

The Prime Minister, adding the security of the former minister, confirmed that he was the “hero” in the policy of redistribution before landing.

Finally, for the plaintiffs’ lawyers, “Prime Minister Conte made it clear that the decision on the ‘pose’ for Gregoritti was made by Matteo Salvini”. Preliminary inquiries will now take place on February 19 in the bunker room of the Picco prison in Catania, where then Deputy Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo, Interior Minister Louisiana Lamorjee and Ambassador Marcio Mazari are staying. As part of a similar process, former transport ministers Danilo Toninelli and Elizabeth Trenta for defense have already been heard in Catania. (ANSA)

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