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Ballon Wonder World: New Trailer and Free Demo Download Now |  Xbox One

Ballon Wonder World: New Trailer and Free Demo Download Now | Xbox One

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Ballon Wonderworld next March, you can try it now with the free demo!

Square Enix says the action-platform game, designed by the creator of Sonic and Knights, will be available in separate or local co-op mode for a total of two hours of play. Balan Wonderworld Demo Xbox Series X | Available on S, Xbox One, Steam, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switches.

Three of the twelve worlds in Ballon Wonder World are playable:

  • World 1 – Rising against the storm. Zones that can be played: Law I, Law II, Boss Fight
  • World 4 – The boy who wanted to be together with the wind. Playable Zones: Act I.
  • World 6 – Girl and kitten. Playable Zones: Act I.

Download the Ballon WonderWorld Demo

In local co-op mode, two players can explore the game as the stars of the show, Leo and Emma. They can combine different costume capabilities to open up new avenues that are inaccessible in single player mode! Connect the second controller and press a button to activate cooperative mode. Through all sorts of costume skills, players can collect “Balan Statues” at every level and gain access to the hidden “Balan’s Boat (Balan’s Challenges)” mini-games.

Players can also access the Isle of Dims, a starting point for three mysterious worlds. On this island, players will encounter magical creatures called Dims, whose powerful abilities will help Leo and Emma explore and fight Necadys! At the Isle of Dims, players can collect magic drops from colorful flower beds. By exchanging these drops with Dims, players can improve their skills.

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