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Movie editors choose Apple TV + Original as the best series of the year

Movie editors choose Apple TV + Original as the best series of the year


iCloud / Services“For All Mankind”: Filmmakers select Apple TV + Original as the best series of the year

The best show of the year for all mankind, at least for USA Today. The original Apple TV + tells the race to the moon again with a different twist: here the Russians are at the start. The very successful original “Dead Lasso” was well received.

As is well known, you can not argue about taste – or you will happily smash each other. However, opinions about small and large platform products always clearly differ between audiences and critics. The American newspaper USA Today now has a selection of the best series Compiled.

In a way, the winner was a surprise: “All Mankind” took first place in this exhibition. It has been Apple’s original since its inception, and has been running on Apple TV + since its inception, and can now be seen on Apple’s streaming service for a completed second season.

“Dead Lasso” on the list

In “For All Mankind” the Russians won the space race for the time being and shocked the Americans on the red moon. Moreover, all kinds of personal and political structures are formed against the background of the United States, of which one certainly does not want to live there.

The most popular original comedy series “Dead Lasso” was featured on USA Today’s list. Both benefit greatly from their masterpieces, and they partially compensate for the conspiracy to grow hair.

What do you think about the selection of American teachers? What is your favorite series in 2021 and where can you watch it?

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