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Cultured neurons learn to play pong faster than artificial intelligence -

Cultured neurons learn to play pong faster than artificial intelligence –

An ongoing study at Cortical Labs in Australia demonstrates how I am Cultured neurons To manage Learn to play pong Faster than Artificial intelligence, Despite lower results than these in the long run.

Lessons learned, brain tissue cells cultured in petri foods, through a system called “DishBrain”, create a kind of autonomous brain mass that puts human stem cells on top of the microelectronic matrix and builds brain cells. Method of creating a kind of network.

These cells receive electrical inputs through electrodes and were tested in the style of the popular Atari game in the early 70s.

Research has shown that these brain cells learn to play and play much faster than an artificial intelligence system: based on the data, cultured neurons learn to react and “play”. 5 min, An AI takes at least 90 minutes to understand how it works and communicates.

However, it is also true that artificial intelligence is more accurate than brain cells. The system created by Cortical Labs, as seen in the video above, allows one Electrical communication Through these cells, electrons that signal the position of the “ball” trigger the response of neurons that, like the original video game, try to repel the ball in a timely manner, recognizing the role of the “abyss”.

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