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Moto 3, Max Piaggi unloads Alonso Lopez: Why?  (Video)

Moto 3, Max Piaggi unloads Alonso Lopez: Why? (Video)

Despite the signed contract, Alonso Lopez finds himself without a saddle in the Moto 3 after being stopped by the Max Racing Team: Why?

At the World Championships, surprises will always be around the corner and will be there these days Moto3 This is the protagonist type of a topic, which causes controversy. News that the agreement between the two has ended Alonso Lopez e Max Racing Team, Despite the parties signing an extension of the contract linking them to the 2021 season, the Spaniard is still waiting to find out what his future holds when he finds himself “beastly” for the next championship.

Team Max Piaggi He’s not wasting time, he already has an alternative: that Adrian Fernandez, Brother Raul In 2020 he ran Red Bull KTM Ajo. To ‘Pitto’ [così è soprannominato, ndr] It will be his first full-time season at the World Championships, but last year he already had the opportunity to enjoy the world of adults. Adrian In fact he ran the last race of the last championship Portimao What Sniper team To replace the injured person Philip Salas.

Reasons to say goodbye: Not just an economic factor

A choice that caused controversy, especially because of that fact Alonso Lopez There was a deal for 2021. The same Max Racing Team Announcing the confirmation of his drivers at the end of the 2020 season, he said the Spaniard should support again. Romano Fenatti. Condition is necessary at this point Alonso Lopez Has officially declared the end of the relationship with the team Max Piaggi.

Needless to say, this decision caused a stir and caused a mixed reaction among the fans. In the study of the various hypotheses that have been formulated there is one that is related to the economic factor: Adrian Fernandez There will be more economic power than there is at hand Alonso Lopez Managing this to carry the saddle. He is also rumored to be a pilot in orbit KTM This may have caused the domino effect.

However, there will be another motivation in addition to the ones mentioned above, which is more complex than serious and can be unraveled by economic or sponsoring factors. We talk about it and deepen it in the video you see at the beginning of the article. One thing is for sure: this is an issue that needs to be discussed further, and further improvements are pending …

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