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If you want to continue to use WhatsApp, you must agree to sell your data to Facebook

If you want to continue to use WhatsApp, you must agree to sell your data to Facebook

While it is acknowledged that Facebook uses and sells a large amount of its users’ data, WhatsApp is known for improving the security of its encrypted message and its confidentiality when it comes to personal data. But from February 8, 2014, the app, which is owned by Facebook, will start sharing additional data with its parent company and its affiliates, such as Messenger and Instagram.

On Wednesday, January 6, WhatsApp changed its Terms of Use and users have no choice but to accept them if they wish to continue using the app. The news service will now be shared on Facebook The phone number of its users (To be registered), Their transaction data (WhatsApp recently started shopping online) Or Their IP address (It helps to find someone).

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The application will also be exchanged with its parent companyInformation about services, Information about how you interact with others, Including businesses when using our services and information on your mobile device, As we can read WhatsApp question / answer page.

Messaging may be well encrypted, but this personal data – which may seem less personal than the content of your messages – is actually for advertisers, especially Target advertising.

No additional selection from February 8th

To date, WhatsApp users have had the choice of whether or not to share this data on Facebook. It will soon become mandatory in all countries.

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Some users have begun to receive notifications announcing a new privacy policy. One sentence “From this date [le 8 février]You must accept these changes to use WhatsApp “.

In its announcement, WhatsApp states that opposing users will always have the option to delete their entire account.

The giant Facebook once again shows that it is not close to limiting the collection of personal data in its various applications, even if it loses a few users.

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