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Ballare dimagrire restare in forma

Lose weight after the holidays with music

Did you overdo it with lunch, dinner and dessert during the Christmas holidays? Want to lose weight after the holidays? Music may be your solution to a better “diet” and let’s see how

Every year, At the end of the holiday, Millions of Italians decide Be fit, Recover from High volume In between Christmas And this Pepana They took them 3 kg on average.

But who said being in shape is always synonymous with severe diet, fatigue and stress?

There is coming to the aid of those who want to find the line, without losing the pleasure of doing physical activities Music With an innovative and highly effective way to protect your waist without the need to join the gym or follow a strict diet.

Lose weight to music

To dance

Throughout the holiday season, Italians are estimated to have gained 3 to 5 kilos, which is on average 2000 to 2500 calories more than a regular meal.

How to remove them?

Here To the rhythm of the dance, The Songs to choose from, Dances and times that come to our aid:

  • A few tablespoons of Russian salad brings about 400 calories, and hip hop success must be burned by dancing for 40 minutes. “HappyBy Farrell Williams;
  • Serving cappuccino in broth provides more than 300 calories, which is necessary to train for 35 minutes on a hit pop. “The best song ever“In one direction;
  • That’s about 560 calories a part of Lasagna, enough to dance to the beat of hip hop success. “Bang Bang“, Jesse J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minajin Contata;
  • The stuffed turkey, which is packed with 320 calories, engages in a 35-minute modern dance.Maps“Maroon 5;
  • Dance for 30 minutes to burn 290 calories made by one piece of Cottesino “She is so perfect”Tea 5 seconds summer;
  • A piece of panetone or pandoro contains about 400 calories, which can be eliminated with dance.I became addicted to you”, Attacked by Swedish DJ Avici, about 45 minutes;
  • You can burn 600 calories from a piece of dried fruit with a 60-minute Latin American dance, thanks to the designed steps. “Dance”, The last song of Enrique Iglesias.
  • Alcohol snacks: Between serving wine and bright wine and snacks for snacks, you can easily reach about 100 calories per glass. 15 minutes of modern dance is enough to burn them. “SummerWritten by Calvin Harris.

Home-made workouts are increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and stars from around the world. Following the given dance techniques allows dance to train your body continuously, activate your metabolism and burn more calories. Non-stop movement brings significant benefits to the cardiovascular system, but not all of them: memorizing new dance steps always builds one’s neuromuscular system, guaranteeing a 360 ன்மை beneficial contribution to one’s health.

Steve Marini, the international fitness expert of the most famous Italian VIPs and highlights important international managers and top models.

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Physical, healthy

All the benefits of dance

Dance is 360 fun, it brings significant benefits to the mind and body: it is a powerful form of socialization, but it is also good for the whole body, it refers to an aerobic exercise that keeps it responsive and active, Strengthens muscles This is a great tool after all Keep your weight under control.

Experts confirm that dance Helps with movements, Increase Balance, Security efSelf-confidence. It helps Improve the heart system It is Resist osteoporosis, Advertising Increasing endorphin levels, Reducing stress e Find a good mood, Also improves social life.

The sinful movement of the torso from the hips to the hips to the abdomen is intensely trained, thus suggesting a better way to keep the abdomen flat. Development of physique, coordination, motor sense and intense fun

Steve Marini, who has worked at some of the most popular fitness centers in New York, is the author of the popular fitness program ‘Giovanni Chamber’

From beginners to professionals, everyone burns more than 50 calories every 10 minutes, starting with the mild rhythms of modern dance and Latin Americans, to the lasting ones of hip hop and break dance, which burn about 100 calories every 10 minutes. The best way to lose weight while having fun “.

You lose weight and be fit.