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Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0 deploys April 28th - News

Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0 deploys April 28th – News

In addition to the previously announced Superior Rattles and Chameleons, the Volcanic Diostra and Metal Kushala Davora will appear in this update, as well as the Superior Diablos. So, five additional targets, new quests to hunt the highest monsters already in the game are added, as well as new weapons and armor. New event searches will also be available for free after the update, and will be re-enabled once downloaded even offline.

The upgrade will also open up the maximum hunter quality, and of course you have made enough progress in the searches of the Grand Camp. From there, each completed quest will receive Hunter Rank points, so you can reach the required quality to access the monster-related quests in the update. Advancing in the hunter line also allows you to unlock new advanced quests (Apocalypse, Arena and Solo) and create special armor, which allows you to borrow new looks without losing your skills and figures.

On top of these free additions, Capcom will also be releasing waves of paid content Monster Hunter World, Will be limited with makeup options: pose, emoticons, stickers, hairstyles, makeup, background music or the opportunity to equip the voices of certain NPCs (starting with Fugen and Minoto) on his hunter. Additionally, it is necessary to download paid coupons to change the look of your hunter, but the first will be provided for free on eShop.

Capcom, which is already working on the rest of the project, concludes that the 3.0 update will be released in the program with several new monsters by the end of May, and will release a new ending in the form of an additional ebook chapter. Meanwhile, the full update 2.0 patch notes Official site.

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