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The PS4 and PS5 free games of May 2021 are marked by a leak - Nerd 4. Life

The PS4 and PS5 free games of May 2021 are marked by a leak – Nerd 4. Life

The new ones are due out this week Free PS4 and PS5 games of May 2021. However, as often happens, leaks are willing to reveal in advance what it is. Now, in fact, the well-known insider has revealed that Ed may be free games next month Godfall and Disco Elysium.

Disco Elysium is an intelligence roll-flaming game developed by ZA / UM and most recently on the PS4 and PlayStation 5. Godfall is a dedicated temporary console that came with the console D1 on the PS5. The game has suffered in recent months and the response from critics has not been exactly positive. Adding this to the PS Plus as a free PS5 game will definitely help gain new audiences. In theory, a third game should also be included (Two PS4s and one PS5, as a rule), but the leak did not provide any other information.

Will Disco Elysium be one of the free games on PS Plus?

We should also point out, however, that Spochall Ed is a well-known and credible leak Its evidence in this case is not “regular”, So he first insisted that he did not trust this information much. Only one of the two games will be included, or both will be offered as free PS4 and PS5 games on the PS Plus. Will arrive after T1 or longer.

However, we can do nothing but wait for new information. This announcement will come on April 28th or 29th.