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Milan, anche Ravezzani lo scarica: Resta un giocatore irrisolto

Milan, Rawessani also unleashes him: he is an unresolved player | Football | Top News | Game and go

In many trials that were celebrated and ended within a few hours of failureOlympico Against Lazio (With criminal verdicts against almost all of the accused) One of those best drivers Milan In the first part of the season, now it seems to cover a phase. Even bring Theo HernandezHowever, he thought about it Fabio Rawessani.

Rawessani’s tweet in Milan, Hernandez

With a message on his Twitter profile, the journalist and TV presenter drew attention to the French side:

“Theo Hernandez is an unresolved player, he has catastrophic acceleration, but in defense he makes mistakes as a starter (level, support) and does not tend to progress. For me he is a 3-5-2 winger. Four men line.”

Many comments. “I still think we should play on the top left without defensive duties. As a defender it’s a disaster”, is the belief of a loyal fan. ac milanista. “As soon as they got to know him well they reduced him” is another comment. “He can never play in a great European club because everyone plays with four people behind him”, which is another reaction dictated by a compelling logic. “I would turn him into an attack winger, or a striker, a style subject Bale, So to speak “, finally advises a fan.

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