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'Mole' fails: NASA stops measuring Mars' internal temperature

‘Mole’ fails: NASA stops measuring Mars’ internal temperature

Nothing to do, there Thermal study Developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for Lander Insight NASA’s Mars
Could not achieve its goal, Although it has been tried since February 28, 2019. This study, called “mole”, The task was His Mars “hole” to a depth of 3 meters Gather yourself up and move on Information on internal temperature Of the red planet. Unfortunately, like
Announced From NASA, “There is an unexpected trend on the ground Loses the mole of friction that needs to position itself at a sufficient depth“. Mole moving is not possible and should not have met a stone
Explained in one of the space agency question and answer.

Mole It pierced only 2 or 3 centimeters of the surfaceOn January 9, the last attempt failed. Scientists used a scoop in the Insight robotic arm to clear the soil of the study and compress it to provide additional friction, but after 500 more hits without improvement they Admitted inability to resolve the issue.

A part of the so-called tool Thermal flow and physical properties (HP3), Study a 40 cm long post driver It is connected to the lander by a cable with integrated temperature sensors designed to measure the heat loss of Mars when it reaches a depth of at least 3 meters. “We gave everything we had, but Mars does not match our hero mole“Tilman Spaan of the DLR said.” Fortunately, we have I learned things that will help in future missions
Who will try to dig underground “.

Insight did not attempt to make such a hole in the soil on Tuesday, as the Phoenix Lander actually collected a surface layer, without moving further. It will be useful for future astronauts to enter the planet’s subsoil for a number of reasons, including gathering useful information in search of ice water and understanding whether the soil is suitable for supporting microbial life.

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Keeping in mind that solving problems from millions of miles is an incredibly difficult task, it becomes clear that something has gone wrong. The Mole Project is actually based on soil found on previous missions to Mars (Mostly sand), but once he saw a much different landscape than he expected. In these two years, there are scientists Without success, he worked to adapt the tool to new situations.

Unfortunately, there are deities Positive (NASA has been in this regard recently
Insight work extended): Additional information about the soil and additional understanding of how Insight’s robot arm works and how to use it for unplanned tasks. All straw to keep at the farm house in view of future trips: Space history is made up of great achievements, but it also requires some misinformation to get there.

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