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ATA, Update of Tertiary Rankings: Here is the Eligibility Table. Download the draft

The schedule of qualifications for updating the third tier rankings of ADA employees is defined. The ranking is valid until the school year 2023/24.

The Ministry has initiated a discussion with the unions on the definition of criteria and procedures for renewal and the definition of a validation table of eligibility for obtaining marks.

We publish a preview of the stock valuation table. Since this is a draft, we remind users that the correct titles may be subject to change.

Valid qualifications are from culture, for example: university degree or professional qualification certificate.

Valid information technology qualifications range from ECDL and newer ECDL affiliates, to Microsoft, Ebas, Cisco and other topics you see in the draft. Their validity ranges from 0.5 to 0.6 points

Service titles, on the other hand, distinguish government schools from non-government schools and range from a maximum of 6 to 0.5.

Download the draft of the eligibility assessment table

Download the draft update of the rankings

Trade union demands regarding stock valuation table

CISL Proposed to improve Certificates of Professional Qualification.

UIL She asked

  • A unique description of the qualifications that represent useful regional professional qualifications to access the profile;
  • Recognition of working hours when peer schools are closed. These services are covered by contributions made to the INPS Public Social Security Account.

FLCGIL makes previous scores immediately available to the system, Thus candidates should enter only qualifications and services, the assessment of which has not been previously requested and has already been obtained by the system.

Anif Annual renewal of marks and some rules asked to recognize which qualification is always most favorable to the candidate. In addition, access to the CS profile is required with a certificate of maturity obtained following a convenient five-year course.