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Model 3 builds San Francisco - Los Angeles almost fully automated pilot

Model 3 builds San Francisco – Los Angeles almost fully automated pilot

Tesla is currently testing its automated pilot, Full Self Driving, with several owners of the brand’s vehicles. And frankly, the first results are promising.

The Whole Mars Catalog YouTube channel dedicated to Tesla News tested the automaker’s automotive pilot on a Model 3 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The two California metropolitan areas are separated by 560 kilometers, which almost swallowed up without the driver’s help!

Almost autonomous experience

The only exception to this autonomous ride was that shortly after entering Los Angeles, the driver had to regain control to avoid debris on the road. It also proves that you need to be in control of your vehicle, (especially!) When it is driving without anyone’s help …

This trip is significant for a number of reasons, the first full self-driving technology is still in beta and does not allow the driver to take his hands off the wheel. Tesla reiterates that the automated pilot should only be used by careful drivers. So, it is not yet immediately clear if you can do something completely different in your car.

This successful experience should not be forgotten by us either Fear of Ed Knightmeyer, Director of Communications for the Association of Automotive Vehicle Education Partners, recently realized that an automated pilot system was being tested in beta by untrained users on public roads. Dangerous And contradicts standards.

He also logically pointed out that if the autonomous driving system needs the driver’s help, it cannot be called. Automatic pilot “. It is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions in which this test was carried out: the weather is good on the roads of California, which helps the work of the sensors.

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